Jaffer Sadiq: Film Producer Who Smuggled Drugs Worth ₹ 2,000 Crore Arrested

Jaffer Sadiq
Jaffer Sadiq

Jaffer Sadiq

Jafar Sadiq, a former DMK worker who worked in the film industry in the south, was arrested after a four-month manhunt, the Narcotics Control Bureau said.

Arrested after a four-month

Jaffer Sadiq: A film producer has been arrested for smuggling drugs worth Rs 2,000 crore out of the country. Jaffer Sadiq, a former DMK member who worked in the South’s film industry, was arrested after a four-month manhunt, the Narcotics Control Bureau said on Saturday.

Jaffer Sadiq

The NCB describes Sadiq as a “kingpin in the India-Australia-New Zealand drug-trafficking network. He smuggled drugs worth ₹2,000 crore to Australia and New Zealand.

“He sent 3,500 kg of pseudoephedrine abroad over 45 times,” said a top official.

Siddique has done four films so far and the latest is expected to hit theaters this month.

Cops seized methamphetamine

Jaffer Sadiq: His arrest came a week after cops seized methamphetamine worth Rs 180 crore from two train passengers in Madurai and a garbage dump in Chennai. These drugs were supposed to be smuggled into Sri Lanka.

Jaffer Sadiq

A total of 36 kg was seized from the traveling couple and another 6 kg from the Kodungaiur dumpsite in Chennai on February 29, officials said. The couple were arrested after the seizure.

Methamphetamine, also known as “ice” or “crystal meth,” is a highly addictive psychostimulant that exhibits powerful euphoric effects similar to cocaine and can have threatening consequences, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence had said.

Following to the drug discovery, Bharatiya Janata Party chief K. Annamalai criticized the ruling DMK and said Tamil Nadu has become the drug capital of India.

Jaffer Sadiq

“International drug lord and DMK functionary Jaffar Sadiq has escaped. The NCB is raiding DMK functionaries’ establishments. 30 kg of methamphetamine worth Rs 1,200 crore was seized off the coast of Gujarat en route to Tamil Nadu. Today they smuggled 30 kg of methamphetamine. Madurai from Directorate of Revenue Intelligence,” he had said in an online post.

Three more people associated with this international drug syndicate were recently arrested by the NCB from Delhi. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation is also cooperating with Indian authorities in drug investigations.

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