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How to Find Whats Trending: 14 Tools for Topic Inspiration

How to Find Whats Trending: Finding trending topics is essential for staying relevant and engaging your audience, whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or just someone interested in current trends. Here are 14 tools and methods to help you discover what’s trending:

How to Find Whats Trending

1. Google Trends:

Website: Google Trends

Google Trends shows the popularity of search queries over time. You can explore trending searches and discover what people are interested in globally or within specific regions.

2. Twitter Trends:

Website: Twitter Trends

Check out the “Trending” section on Twitter to see what hashtags and topics are currently popular.

3. BuzzSumo:

Website: BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo helps you find the most shared content on social media platforms based on a particular topic or keyword.

4. Reddit:

Website: Reddit

Explore various subreddits to see what discussions and topics are gaining traction.

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5. Trendspottr:

Website: Trendspottr

Trendspottr uses real-time data to identify emerging trends and popular content across various social media platforms.

How to Find Whats Trending

6. Feedly:

Website: Feedly

Create a customized news feed by following blogs, websites, and publications relevant to your interests.

7. YouTube Trending:

Website: YouTube Trending

Explore the trending section on YouTube to discover popular videos and topics.

8. Facebook Insights:

Website: Facebook Insights

If you have a Facebook Page, use Insights to see which posts are performing well and understand your audience’s interests.

9. Quora:

Website: Quora

Check the trending topics on Quora to see what questions and discussions are gaining attention.

10. Pinterest Trends:

Website: Pinterest Trends

Explore trending searches on Pinterest to discover popular topics and ideas.

11. Hootsuite:

Website: Hootsuite

Hootsuite offers social media monitoring tools that can help you track trending topics and hashtags.

12. Trendsmap:

Website: Trendsmap

Discover trending hashtags and topics on Twitter based on geographic locations.

13. LinkedIn Trending:

Website: LinkedIn Trending

Explore the trending section on LinkedIn to find popular articles, posts, and discussions.

14. Trend Hunter:

Website: Trend Hunter

Trend Hunter is a platform that curates trends across various industries, providing insights into emerging ideas and innovations.

How to Find Whats Trending: Keep in mind that trends can vary based on your target audience and industry, so use a combination of these tools to stay informed about what’s currently popular and relevant.

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