Babur : Today’s Ram Bagh was once ‘Aram Bagh’ of Mughal emperor Babur



Interestingly, the garden was built by Mughal ruler Babur who named it as ‘Aram Bagh’, but Maratha rulers who occupied Agra for a period after the Mughals changed it to ‘Ram Bagh’

In a country where Lord Rama is considered a Hindu god, people name various places after him. One such place in Agra is the Ram Bagh, a lush garden on the banks of the Yamuna River.


Interestingly, this garden was created by the Mughal ruler Babur, who named the garden “Alam Bagh”, but after the Mughals changed the garden to “Ram Bagh”, they occupied Agra for some time. The Maratha rulers called the garden “Ram”. “was changed. Bagh, said historian Raj Kishore Raje.

According to Raje, Babur came to India as an invader and advanced in 1526, defeating Ibrahim Lodhi at the Battle of Panipat. Babur reached Agra on 10 May 1526, but suffered greatly from the hot weather prevailing in the city.

Babur came to India as an invader and advanced by defeating Ibrahim Lodi in the first battle of Panipat in 1526, Rajah said. Babur arrived in Agra on May 10, 1526, but the heat of the city overwhelmed him.

Babur’s successor, Humayun, had a difficult time, but his son, Akbar, elevated Mughal rule to greater heights. Mughal Emperor Akbar’s successor, Jahangir, renovated the garden between 1615 and 1619 as his great-grandfather Babur’s “Aram Bagh”.

Alam Bagh, located on the opposite bank of the Yamuna River from Agra, had a fountain in the middle and a lawn around it. Raje said that this garden is so beautiful that it is also called ‘Grafsan Garden’ and has a view very similar to the Mughal architecture in the ‘Charbagh’ pattern.

However, Maratha came to power and ruled Agra between 1774 to 1803 and changed the name of ‘Aram Bagh’ to ‘Ram Bagh’ and name remained so while British ruled the nation, said Raj Kishore Raje.

Ram Bagh is now a protected area of ​​the Archaeological Department of India and is listed as a tourist attraction in Agra. It is a single entrance monument, but due to the lack of road connectivity, not many tourists visit this place, so Ram Bagh is often considered an unknown monument.

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