Tata Chemicals share price: Tata Chemicals shares fall 10% after last week’s rally. Here’s why there has been a U-turn.

Tata Chemicals share price
Tata Chemicals share price

Tata Chemicals share price

Tata Chemicals share price: Shares of Tata Chemical fell 10% on Monday. The company’s share price rose 36 percent last week after Tata’s sons reported a possible IPO.

Shares of Tata Chemicals fell over 10 percent today (March 11). This comes after Tata Sons was reportedly not considering an initial public offering (IPO_ in the near future). Shares of Tata Chemicals rose 36 percent last week following the IPO reports. As per Reserve Bank of India (RBI) norms, no IPO is expected.

Tata Chemicals share price

At 9:26 a.m., Tata Chemicals was trading at Rs 1,207.45 on the NSE, down 8 percent from its previous close. The stock is up 27% in the last month.

Is Tata Sons going for an IPO?

As Tata Sons is registered with the RBI as a ‘Credit Information Company’ and is a ‘top tier’ NBFC, it has to follow strict regulatory requirements and go public within three years of notification.

An IPO of Tata Sons is reportedly unlikely as the company is exploring various options, including possible liquidation of Tata Capital, to ensure RBI compliance. If the IPO fails to materialize, Tata Chemical will lose its potential value as it is expected to be the biggest beneficiary of the public issue.

Spark had earlier valued Tata Sons’ market capitalization at around ₹ 8 crore, excluding Holdco discounts and options.

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