Preesha Chakraborty : Nine-year-old Indian-American Girl listed in world’s brightest student

Preesha Chakraborty
Preesha Chakraborty

Preesha Chakraborty:

Preesha Chakraborty : Preesha Chakraborty, a 9-year-old Indian-American student, was selected based on her test scores to attend Johns Hopkins University’s prestigious Center for Gifted Youth, ahead of more than 16,000 students across the country. List of “The Most Outstanding Students in the World.” 90 countries

  • Preesha Chakraborty: Exceptional performance in all ratings

this exceptional recognition is due to Preesha’s outstanding performance in the Academic Achievement Test (SAT), American College Test (ACT), Academic and College Aptitude Test and other assessments conducted as part of the CTY Talent Search. Is. This should be derived from the results. Due to the rigorous selection process, less than 30% of students qualify for High Honors or Great Honors/SET based on test results each year.

Preesha Chakraborty

Preesha figured in the list after the results of above-grade-level tests of over 16,000 students from more than 90 countries around the world were assessed, it said.

Awarded for outstanding performance on the SAT, ACT, College Altitude Test or similar tests as part of the CTY Talent Search.

According to the press release, she performed well on the verbal and quantitative portions of the test, equivalent to the 99th percentile of Advanced Level 5 performance, earning him the high honor.

  • Preesha Chakraborty: A Child Prodigy Who Loves MMA

A lifetime member of the Mensa Foundation, the world’s oldest high-IQ society, reserved for individuals scoring at the 98th percentile or higher on standardized intelligence tests. Preesha notes that she achieved this distinction at the age of six, scoring 99 percent on the National Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT), designed to identify gifted and talented students.

In addition to studying, Preesha loves traveling, hiking and mixed martial arts (MMA), her parents said, and always shows a passion for learning. CTY Executive Director Amy Shelton said the award not only recognized her performance on a test, but also highlighted her insatiable curiosity and ability to learn.

Preesha Chakraborty: Founded in 1979, CTY is a centre for innovation dedicated to advancing the field of gifted education through research on testing, programmes, and other support for advanced learners.

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