WhatsApp honey trap scam: What is it? How does it work and how to stay safe?

WhatsApp honey trap scam
WhatsApp honey trap scam

WhatsApp honey trap scam

WhatsApp honey trap scam: This scam uses WhatsApp to exploit victims and create romantic relationships with them. Here’s how to stay safe

WhatsApp honey trap scam

WhatsApp honey trap scam: Have you received strange messages on WhatsApp or suspicious text messages from strangers trying to start a conversation or randomly compliment you on WhatsApp? This may be the case for some users. This is part of the WhatsApp honey trap scam which is new. Online fraud that occurs and affects many users of the messaging platform. This scam exploits victims by using popular messaging platforms to develop romantic relationships with them.

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How does the WhatsApp Honey Trap Scam work?

Fake profiles are created by scammers. These can be recognized by users because they attract victims with attractive photos.

Scammers try to start conversations and be very friendly or flirty with users to gain the user’s trust.

Once trust is established, fraudsters can take this further and initiate video calls.

During these video calls, scammers may try to trick you into situations where they can blackmail you later, for example by recording moments of the video call.

Scammers may threaten to share these recordings with friends, family, or social media unless you spend money or meet other demands.

WhatsApp honey trap scam

How to stay safe from the WhatsApp Honey Trap Scam work?

Be careful who you communicate with online and don’t call unknown numbers.

Do not share your personal information with anyone on WhatsApp.

Avoid video calls from unknown numbers and you can easily become a target.

If this happens to you, report the scam on WhatsApp and contact the authorities.

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