Tragic incident at Mumbai Airport : Air India passenger fell, dies after walking 1.5km due to lack of wheelchair

Tragic incident at Mumbai Airport
Tragic incident at Mumbai Airport

Tragic incident at Mumbai Airport

An 80-year-old passenger on an Air India flight to New York collapsed at the Mumbai airport due to a heart attack and died in hospital after walking about 1.5 kilometers from the plane to the immigration counter without a wheelchair. The incident happened on February 12.

Tragic incident at Mumbai Airport

The deceased passenger was of Indian origin and was traveling with his wife on flight AI-116 from New York to Mumbai. According to a report in the Times of India, the couple had already booked wheelchair assistance. But due to the shortage of wheelchairs, his wife was the only one who could get one. According to reports, the 80-year-old man decided to walk with his wife and suffered a heart attack when he reached the immigration site.

Tragic incident at Mumbai Airport

Regarding the lack of wheelchairs, an airport source told TOI, “There were 32 wheelchair passengers on the flight but only 15 wheelchairs were waiting for them along with the ground staff to assist them.”

On February 16, the airline issued a statement regarding the incident. An Air India spokesperson said that due to high demand for wheelchairs, passengers were asked to wait until wheelchair assistance is provided. But he preferred to go for a walk with his wife.

Tragic incident at Mumbai Airport

The statement reads: “On February 12, one of our guests became ill on a flight from New York to Mumbai while going through immigration with his wheelchair-bound wife. Due to the high demand for wheelchairs, we asked passengers to wait until wheelchair assistance was available, but he decided to go with his wife. On the recommendation of the airport doctor, the passenger was immediately taken to the hospital, where he died due to his poor health.

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