Head-To-Head: Hema Malini vs Vijender Singh – Lok Sabha election Battle Sparks Excitement.



Head-To-Head: The Jat community has a majority of around 500,000 votes in the region and wields significant influence. Bollywood superstar Dharmendra’s wife Hema Malini claims that she has the support of the Jat community. Despite his Bhiwani roots in Haryana, Vijender Singh is keen to represent Mathura.


In the Lok Sabha elections, Bharatiya Janata Party MP and renowned actress Hema Malini will encounter a formidable challenge in Mathura. The 75-year-old actress relies heavily on the image and achievements of the Narendra Modi government, while also expressing confidence in the ongoing Hindutva wave in Braj Mandal.

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Hema Malini Vs. Vijender Singh

In the race against Hema Malini, Olympic boxer Vijender Singh is contesting on behalf of the Federation of India and former IRS officer Suresh Singh is contesting on behalf of the Bahujan Samaj Party in the Mathura constituency. The Jat community has a clear majority with around 5 million votes in the region. Bollywood actor Dharmendra’s wife Hema Malini has assured the support of the Jat community. Vijender Singh from Bhiwani(Haryana) wants to represent Mathura. After retirement, BSP’s Suresh Singh now runs an educational institution in Mathura and is known for his clean image through his academic and social initiatives.


Hema Malini played a very active role in transforming the landscape of Mathura and Vrindavan and initiated many infrastructure projects. He headed the Mathura Vrindavan Tirtha Development Board and oversaw the completion of a dozen development projects. A devoted disciple of Sri Krishna, Hema Malini is determined to achieve the remaining goals during her tenure as Mathura MP.


Head-To-Head: Notably, Jayant Chaudhary won in 2009 with BJP support but lost in 2014. Pawan Gautam, a senior journalist based in Mathura said, “This time people will definitely vote for the Modi-led party and not individual candidates. Whoever gets the ticket will be a confident winner. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath launched his election campaign in Mathura on March 27 with a speech to local intellectuals. Mathura will now take center stage, highlighting the need for a makeover of Vrindavan’s narrow streets.

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